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We are certified by  LAPEM as reliable suppliers, under the the norm: N MX-H-004-SCFI20015 . We also work under the SIDERURGICAL INDUSTRY-ZINC (HOT-DIP GALVANIZED) COATINGS ON IRON AND STEEL PRODUCTS-SPECIFICATIONS AND TEST METHODS. This Mexican standard specifies the general properties and test methods of coatings applied by hot dipping in melted zinc (containing no more than 2.0% of other metals) on products orsteel articles made of iron and steel. ASTM 123.

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To offer an integral service of anticorrosive solutions, adapting to the needs and requirements of the market and care of the environment.. 



To be recognized and reference nationally and internationally as a company specialized in anticorrosive coatings being at the forefront of our services.

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The main values that characterize us as a company and that are reflected every day in the work and service provided by our collaborators are: RESPONSIBILITY, PROFESSIONAL ETHICS, HONESTY, COOPERATION AND RESPECT.



At Inmermek S.A. de C.V. we are committed to the quality of our integral service and the needs of our customers, meeting the appropriate requirements, resources and focusing on the continuous improvement of our quality management system.



State of Mexico Plant

We attend the center and south of the country, offering services to different industries such as construction, telecommunications, electrical industry, urban structures, always with the conviction of providing the optimal solution to your needs.

Tijuana Plant

Our services are currently in the automotive industry, renewable energy structures, port and petroleum industries, providing the best solutions always attached to the philosophy of continuous improvement.

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